For me I would use the word hope to describe the ministry. The ministry has provided me hope in my marriage, career, kids, and my daily walk with Christ. I have attended the church for about 3 months and this ministry has provided me another outlook on life.

My life was a disarray and everything around me seemed to be out of place, but it was the word that was brought forth by Pastor Eric and Prophetess Shirlenia that gave me hope to get back up on my feet and try again.  Each time I attended church I was taught different scriptures and how to pray specifically for the areas in my life and as I begin to apply the knowledge I received, it was the beginning of a new life for me and my family.

Today my kids are prosperous and have learned how to pray on their own, my marriage is stronger than ever, and I have been blessed in my career. This ministry has truly blessed me and my family….

BOLM is Hope

One word to describe the church- inspirational. The church encourages you to fight the good fight of faith. If you stumble and fall, ask for forgiveness, dust yourself off and continue in the fight. No one is perfect and someone may have already gone through what you are experiencing and they will give you words of encouragement and bible verses to meditate upon to help you along the way.

I choose to be anonymous. I am from a military background. After serving a tour in Afghanistan, I was ready to get out the military before being reassigned to GA. I had a very stressful tour and was trying to put my life back together and get reacquainted with my daughter. I came home a very angry person and I knew that only God could calm me down. I started fellow-shipping with the Bread of Life Ministries and just listened to Pastor Daniel be transparent about some of the things that he had gone through in his own life that I was facing at the time. Attending bible study and Sunday worship helped me tear down the walls of anger and frustration that were having a major affect on me in my workplace. Even though I did not talk a lot about what I was going through, they kept me and my family lifted up in prayer and showed me love.



One day I decided to go home for lunch which I usually don’t go home for lunch, but that small inner voice that lives inside me said to go home and check the mail. As I was pulling in the neighborhood, I noticed that the mail lady was running late.

I went home and walked around the house for a minute waiting on her to get to my street. After a few minutes, I decided to lock up the house and wait for the mail lady by the mail box. As she pulled up to give me my mail, I noticed that her tire was going flat. Now mind you, I had another stop to make and on my lunch break. However instead of thinking of myself, I offered our air compressor to help her out.

Well I had to go back into the house and walk through the kitchen to get to the garage. When I walked back in the house through the kitchen, I noticed something smelt like it was burning.. The griddle was left on. Blessing someone else turned into a blessing for me as well. I also yielded and listen to the Holy spirit which guided me and instructed…